"É de Cultura como instrumento para a felicidade, como arma para o civismo, como via para o entendimento dos povos que vos quero falar"


Steven Lansky
I came to the harbor, found the square at the foot of Augusta. Anchored out, rowed in to the landing, pulled my dinghy up on shore, unfolded my bicycle. I had conquered Europe! I met a fellow and...

Heed Crosswalks

Ann-Marie Fitzsimmons
Across from the Camoes statue, Bernie and Doug chatted while we waited to cross into the Square. While listening to them discuss Disquiet and Alexander Chee, I honestly wondered how many pedestrians...

Flânerie in Lisbon

Sarah Lyn Rogers
One thing that's striking about Lisbon is the way the city memorializes its artists. Among statues of saints, kings, and explorers, you'll find Luís de Camões – who...

Bring me my Dragon (Trees)

Jen Hirt
From the moment I set foot in Lisbon hear it – the off-handed hipster talk about the castles and palaces looking like the set of “Games of Thrones,” an American fantasy epic whose...

Avenida Liberdade, June 1990

Mark Pearson
Along the shaded Avenida, yesterday’s seat is taken, so I take the next table, order café con leche, sprinkle on some sugar, drink the sweet stuff and watch the chickadees fluff and...


Paul Cockeram
I've heard happiness lies in purchasing experiences rather than things, and in Lisbon some Americans told me they hadn't needed their anxiety medication. I might know why.One answer lies in...

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Praça Municipal 24 Fev 2024  |  10h00

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Ganhe convites para a antestreia do filme "NO WAY UP - SEM SAÍDA"

Em parceria com a Films4You, oferecemos convites duplos para a antestreia de um inquietante thriller, NO WAY UP - SEM SAÍDA, sobre luta pela sobrevivência depois da queda de um avião no Oceano Pacífico. Participe e habilite-se a ser um dos felizes contemplados!